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Voy a pasar la lista, y luego annadir mis notas o impresiones, annadir programas referenciados en los comentarios, quitar otros, etc. En general annadir mi punto de vista. No puedo usar las aplicaciones solo Mac, asi que las referenciar’e pero tachadas, igual que las que son de pago.

Toma de Notas


No realmente necesario, se puede utilizar el lector de PDf incluido en el navegador.




Grabador de Pantallas

Escribir Papers

Grupos de Estudio


Administración de archivos


Herramientas de Organizacion


Email y Web

Administracion del tiempo


Edicion de Video


Fotos e Im´genes

Audio y composicion

Disenno y animacion


Reproductores de Medios


Disenno Web


Datos y Estadisticas


Herramientas para la carrera



otras aplicaciones referenciadas en los comentarios

Comentarios de los lectores

After OS Install

Un Wiki en reddit, voy a extraer recomendaciones hacia la lista maestra


So once you have Installed your OS, whether that be Linux, Windows or Mac, this is a guide to help you remember important programs that will improve your computing experience. Ninite

Ninite - Best tool for installing many programs and keeping them up to date the easiest and safest way.

Web Browsers

Google Chrome
Firefox and Chrome are essentially the same, but Firefox is open source.


Note: Add Mumble for VoIP chatting. Then head over to /r/pcmasterrace/wiki/servers for setup help and server list.
Note 2: Teamspeak 3



VLC is a popular option for a free video media player


iTunes is what I used to use until I was shown what is foobar2000, links for it can be found in the Extras Section along with my current favorite music player, Music Bee.




GIMP, a free alternative to Photoshop.




Microsoft Security Essentials

File Sharing

Note: Don't use uTorrent or BitTorrent. They're malware and/or extremely shady.

Online Storage

Google Drive



GOG Galaxy - the optional DRM-free gaming client for GOG games. If you don't want to download the DRM-free install from their site, you're free to use GOG Galaxy to get it instead. Both are amazing.

Everything.exe - A sweet desktop search engine


TeamViewer - Share your desktop remotely.
Revo Uninstaller - A




Programs we recommend for the community to further the experience and customization of your rig.

foobar2000 - /r/foobar2000 - A free customizable high quality audio application.
Music Bee - a more user friendly free music app
f.lux - For changing the brightness levels at night to save your eyes, I highly recommend this!
CCleaner - The best system cleaner availible and it's free! Download from SourceForge
UMPlayer - It's the same as VLC Player. Plays everything I have with great quality. [1080p60fps 50mbps running without issue]
Rainmeter - /r/rainmeter - A useful beatification tool for your desktop to add that feel of windows customization.
Unigine Heaven - For those benchmark comparisons and validations for when overclocking the GPU. More stressed on GPU than CPU. Like how most games are optimized.
Unigine Valley - Older version of what Heaven does, a bit more optimized for older cards. Buggier for newer cards.
CPUID HWMonitor - For monitor temperatures, voltages, ultilizations and fan rpm to problem solve and make sure everything is running smoothly at a glance.
CPUID CPU-Z - From the CPU Overclocker in you. Use it to watch volts, temps and speed of the CPU most accurately and with the smallest footprint
OCCT - For testing more than just CPU overclocking stability, but this program is known for that.
EVGA Precision X - For Nvidia users only, used for setting up fan profiles, OSD, limits for the GPU and to set overclocks.
MSI AfterBurner - Compatible with AMD and Nvidia, used for setting up fan profiles, OSD, limits for the GPU and to set overclocks.
Origin - They offer free games sometimes. /s
ShareX - A free image and gif capture tool with streamlined uploading to image hosting sites and many other customizable options.
3DMark 11 - Rig stress test, similar to Unigine Heaven compared to OCCT, but more intensive on the CPU than Unigine Heaven.

Otra lista

It’s about time I posted my massive list of community-recommended software. Feel free to comment or message me with anything you would like added.

Taken from a buildapc thread a couple of months back, I thought I would collate everyone’s suggestions in a nice text post. I will split the programs into categories.

If there is anything you want me to add, include it in a comment using the format:

And I will add it in


Foobar2000 - Lightweight audio player for Windows
Clementine Music Player - Modern music player and library organizer
MusicBee - Music manager and player
Aimp - Lightweight music player
VLC - Powerful media player
MPC-HC - Extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows.
KMPlayer - KMP is a versatile multi media player which can cover a various different types of contained formats.
[ncmpcpp]( - Lightweight audio player for Linux
MediaMonkey - Music manager and player

SmoothVideo Project (SVP) - Allows you to make 24/30fps media 60fps using interpolation.
XBMC/Kodi - Open-source home theatre software
Spotify - Music streaming service
MP3Tag - Fix tags on songs
MusicBrainz Picard - Music tagging software
Audacity - Edit and record audio
MakeMKV - Effective, free Blu-ray decryption software. Also works to decrypt DVDs and rip to mkv format.
DVDFab Passkey Lite - limited edition of DVDFab Passkey, which is a Blu-ray and DVD decryption program. Not available for US citizens at the moment.
VidCoder - conversion to H264 mkv or mp4. Based on Handbrake, but has more options.
Handbrake - Bread and butter conversion software.
Calibre - E-book management
Shark007 - Massive codec library.

[Daum PotPlayer]( is a good media player with LOTS of options. I mainly use it because it can use 2 audio outputs individually (so i can open one video in one instance and use the audio on the speakers, and another video instance and use the audio from that one on my headphones), that way 2 people can watch 2 different shows at the same time. And the default image contrast,brightness,black light,etc looks so much better than on vlc or mpc-hc.
Something I use along MPC-HC is the [CCCP]( codec pack. Not sure if that would be a good addition to your list :)
Winamp: Plays my old module files flawlessly.


Pushbullet - Send files to your phone/receive phone notifications on your desktop
Putty - SSH Client
MobaXterm - Feature-rich SSH client
FreeFileSync - Synchronize/backup directories onto external hard drives
Keepass2 - Password management software
Ninite - Allows you to install everything you need on a fresh OS very quickly
VMWare - Virtual Machines
VirtualBox - Same as above
LibreOffice - Open Source office tools
OpenOffice - Same as above
Notepad++ Free source code editor
Filezilla - FTP Client
Sublime Text - A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.
BTSync - Secure, unlimited file-syncing. No cloud required - Free image and photo editing software for Windows
PDF Creator - Free PDF Conversion software
Sumatra PDF - A lightweight PDF, DjVu, eBook, and comic reader
Waterfox - Very fast 64-Bit browser
Bulk Rename Utility - Bulk file-renaming software
GIMP - Open-source Photoshop alternative
Irfanview - image/multimedia viewer
Total Commander - great file manager (remember norton commander?) - shareware


Clover - Tabs for Windows explorer
Display Fusion - Have taskbars on multiple monitors and other improvements
Ultramon - Much the same as Display Fusion
F.lux - Makes monitor colours warmer, reducing eye strain
YoloMouse - Customer in-game cursors
MSI Afterburner - GPU Overclocking, FPS, Recording
MSI Kombuster - GPU Benchmarking
7-Zip - Open Source file archiver
Winrar - File archiver
CCleaner - Clean up unused files and registry issues
Sharex - Upload screenshots directly to imgur, FTP server etc
Greenshot - Same as above
Puush - Super-quick way to share screenshots
Everything - Not-crap Windows search tool
PC Decrapifier - Fairly self-explanitory
Defraggler - File and disk defragmentation
EVGA Precision - Another GPU overclocking utility
Sizer - Resize windows to an exact size
Rainmeter - Popular desktop customisation tool
Actual Multiple Monitors - Excellent multi-monitor software
Process Explorer - more powerful than taskmgr
Adblock Plus - Advert blocking software for web browsers.
Teracopy - Speed up your copy speeds
Chocolatey - Windows machine package manager, like apt-get
Wireshark - FOSS TCP/UDP Packet capture tool.
Smart Defrag - Freeware defragging software
X-Mouse Button Control - Free Windows application to reconfigure your mouse buttons
Unchecky - Automatically unchecks tick boxes for shitware in installers
Fences - Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons
Desktops - Allows you to organise your applications on up to four virtual desktops


Mumble - Low-latency VoIP client

I have used vent and teamspeak. but I have to admit I love my mumble server.

Teamspeak - Probably the most popular VoIP client out there
Ventrillo - Another popular VoIP client
Skype - Free internet calls
Google Hangouts - Group conversations with free video calling


WinDirStat - Visual representation of hard drive space
SpaceSniffer - Same as above
CPU-Z - Hardware monitoring software
GPU-Z - GPU monitoring software
Speccy - Hardware monitoring software
HWMon - Hardware monitoring software
HWInfo - Hardware monitoring software
CoreTemp - Hardware monitoring software
Prime95 - CPU Stress-testing software


Steam - No explanation needed
Fraps - FPS Counter & Game recording
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - Stream and Record your games
Dxtory - Similar to Fraps and Afterburner
Nvidia Geforce Experience - Nvidia's GPU program. Includes shadowplay for game recording.
Catalyst Control Centre - AMD's GPU software
DosBox - DOS Emulator
AMD Gaming Evolved - AMD GPU Software


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Anti-Malware software
Prey Anti-Theft - Anti-theft software
Truecrypt - File encryption software This product has been discontinued, proceed at your own risk
Bitdefender Antivirus - Strong, free anti-virus
TcpView - displays all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system

Otras Menciones


Clover (sin aclarar cual de las posibilidades es: free dating app, clover brings chrome tabs to Windows Explorer, Clover EFI Bootloader, Credit Card Processing Solutions, and more)

ninite : seleccione que desea instalar en su sistema, descarga y actualiza


Microsoft Office, Blender, Unity,, Steam, Origin, Uplay, Itunes, Desura


TenClips - Allows you to have up to 10 clipboards

Glary Utilities - Tons of good system utilities, undelete/defragger/tracks eraser/startup analyzer, etc

Depressurizer - Sort your Steam library into categories, many settings/configurations available.

Switcher - An alternative, customizable task switcher A free photoshop alternitive

WireShark - FOSS and crossplatform network TCP/IP monitoring tool.

Process Hacker - A more advanced & opensource version of TaskManager

AIDA64 (, pretty much any info you need about your system, plus some benchmarks included.

Desktops - if you don’t have multiple monitors, you can use this to switch between virtual desktops.

Auslogics Disk Defrag - another defragmentation program

adguard to block ads and xnview for images visualization are pretty good

MSI Aferburner GPU OC and in-game system monitor. VERY powerful game recording functionality with support for Intel Quicksync and AMD VCE hardware encoding.

Hey, could you add Wireshark (FOSS TCP/UCP Capture Tool) to the list?

MSI Afterburner? (basically for hardware quicksync decoding, great option if you have an intel igpu but no 600+/7000+ series gpu).

Foxit reader should be added. Screw adobe.

I also highly reccomend Avast. I have tried Avira and AVG (shudders). I dont get the arduous false positives i used to get.

Add Dolby axon to the communications. My friends and I love it, it’s free and it’s pretty great.

Add lightshot instead of puush It uploads right to imgur and even though the link it has you copy leads to their site with the imgur image re-hosted you can copy the image URL from it.

Is EVGA Precision X the same as MSI Afterburner?

Evernote for productivity- Take notes on phone, tablet, desktop, and web browser, all syncs together, and it’s free!

What about STDU Viewer? I like it better than Sumatra for PDFs.

Why has none said GameSave Manager yet (+ dropbox etc for cloud syn)?

I’ve had F.lux for i don’t know how long and it is honestly the best thing ever. I always look forward to sunset because i love seeing the colors get warm. – I find F.lux description strange. making colors “Warmer” actually increases eye strain as then the colors feel unnaturally skewed towards red. – Also if lack of eye strain is your goal then dont use computers in dark room. thats the only way to avoid eye strain using computers - have your room actually lit when using it.

Xpadder: Controller as mouse.

You need to add portable apps, being able to carry around your own copy of chrome with all your extensions on a thumb drive is awesome.

You should add Smooth Video Project. SVP if you like watching 30FPS content in fake 60FPS. Getting it working with MPC-HC.

HiAlgo’s stuff, for low end laptops

TikiOne STEAM Cleaner will delete all those pesky installers STEAM downloads for every single game potentially freeing even many GBs of disk space depending on your download history.

AIDA64 - The engineer edition. It’s great for CPU stability tests.

Filebot for easy renaming of files(movies, series, …)

Handbrake free video encoder

ImgBurn (for those that still have an optical drive) free iso creator and burner.

Anything by sysinternals is very good. While they are mainly admin tools, programs like autoruns are extremely useful for everybody. I know you already have Process Explorer, but many of the other tools are simply amazing

If clover doesnt do it for you, Explorer++ does a decent job of a tabbed file browser too

Add unchecky, it is so bloody glorious

Also, fences

I would recommend adding Raidcall to this list. It’s an easy to use and free Group communication program, plus it looks nicer than Teamspeak

Don’t download any of those before going to That site let’s you download most all of those programs listed at once with their installer

I’d highly recommend HwInfo64 over any other hardware monitor any day. It reads more sensors than all the rest. Is highly customizable. And can send sensor values with custom labels and arrangements to RivaTunerStatisticsServer (which comes with OC apps like MSI Afterburner) to display in-game etc.

I find PeaZip to be the best zip freeware, but that’s my opinion, I don’t much about compression software.

Is CCcleaner really essential? I always though this kind of software is just for people that don’t know about computers.

Installing LAV Filters is completely useless now as it’s already integrated into MPC-HC. (Well, unless you really love using Windows Media Player that is)

Also, MPC-HC is NOT cross platform, it uses directshow and is hence inherently windows-bound.

In that case it’s pretty pointless to say that it’s cross platform when the aim is to list softwares for Windows platform.

Ninite is my go to.

Replace Notepad++ with Atom and you’ve got yourself a deal!

The most important tool and the first thing I’ve installed on any fresh Windows since 1997 is missing. Total Commander, formerly known as Windows Commander.

Double Commander does the same and is Open Source Software.

All i need is Driver Pack Solution and Ninite

I guess since not everyone reads comics on their computer, cdisplayEX is not essential. Also, comical is pretty much identical except it’s open source and doesn’t have like four different pages of crapware to unselect in the installer.

I find this incredibly inaccurate seeing as WinRar isn’t there.

Also Mumble? Pfft, Teamspeak Master Race is better.

Mumble is open-source, free for everyone (no bullshit server license costs), uses the Opus codec, encrypts all communications, and supports positional audio. Glorious Mumble master race.

ive been using windows essentials as antivirus for years now. do people really use ccleaner?

Music: musicbee all the way.

Security: Windows Defender. No need for bloatware.

Office: WPS Office if you don’t need advanced features.

I’m also a fervent user of musicBee, but sometimes I ask myself, WHY? It’s RAM heavy and the hotkeys go crazy sometimes, but it has a lot of cool perks, such as history of tracks and a good rating shuffle system.

There’s Foobar2000 as a lightweight alternative but it is nowhere as complete when it comes to organizing huge libraries, finding tracks easily, managing playlists and so on. MediaMonkey has become a monster. So that leaves little choice. foobar2000 has plugins, which can be VERY powerful when it comes to organizing libraries. you just have to download them seperately.

I was told that Windows Defender alone is not a good idea. Do you think that it is? > Also, obligatory /r/linuxmasterrace

radeon pro but no nvidia inspector :(

“Unlocker” is missing from this list. Having a fucking file that you can’t fucking delete because it is used by a program that, really, you don’t fucking know wich one? Unlocker is there for you. I even managed to delete corrupted and infected files with this, not wasting time with free anti-virus softwares that mostly doesn’t work.

This is sorta perfect but now I need to find the stress test programs Ex: Furmark

Hell yeah, I’ve been trying different image viewers for years trying to get Windows to play .gifs properly, Honeyview is AWESOME! Thanks for posting this.

Some of these are freeware (free of charge), not free software (software that you are allowed to study, modify, and redistribute with changes).

And now follows an autistic rant about why some of the recommendations on this old list from /g/ is bad: Security

Avira: Just go for MSE for anti-virus.
Comodo: Windows has a built-in firewall for ages now.
In general: The best security suite is Common Sense 2015.


Foobar2k: Proprietary


Steam: Proprietary and evil supporter of DRM. GOG is a clearly superior choice.


Nightly: Don't use it unless you're actually able to file bug reports when things break. The least Mozilla needs is a bunch of "Power Users" who complain about things in a vague manner because they think using a fucking Nightly development build for daily browsing is a good idea.
Chromium: Still a botnet. The source code directly feeds to Chrome, The Botnet. By using Chromium you're also contributing to the web browser monoculture where everyone writes for Blink/Webkit and that layout engine only. It's IE all over again.
Tor: Don't be the retard who uses Tor and then log into Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit thinking somehow you're now anonymous.


Dropbox: Proprietary and has Condoleezza Rice in its board of directors.
DuckDuckGo: Not as private as you'd think. Read the Terms and Conditions and see clauses that allow identification. Use Startpage or Ixquick instead.

Hopping off the comment, for a free fps counter that’s not Fraps and is extremely customizable, use Rivatuner Statistics Server. Can also cap fps.

This is the link OP should have used.


CPU-Z and GPU-z do not display temperature

Gpu-z does

As I’ve learned earlier about Speccy, it would be a good addition to this list.

HWmonitor displays temps.

More accurately as well. Speccy takes a moment to update and isn’t as real-time as HWMonitor.

It should be Open Hardware Monitor or HWMonitor, both are much better imo.

also /r/pcmasterrace/wiki/afterosinstall

I made this as a guide using

Because my god ninite is the best thing after a fresh OS install and added my own recommendations.

UMPlayer is win.

BTW, if anyone is on Linux and not using vlc, go use it. It’s definitely better and is much more stable than the windows version.

I’d argue mplayer or mpv is better in terms of playing video files on computers with varied hardware. Although vic does probably have more features

I like SMPlayer a lot better on Linux.

Tho I recently switched to Baka-MPlayer, a proper frontend for libmpv. (And they’re looking for a new name.)

Ninite annoyed me. Couldn’t choose my install locations, so it dumped everything on my ssd. Had to reinstall a few things so they didn’t clog it up.

I’ve never heard of UMPlayer before and I just tested it a bit and I’m happy with PotPlayer. I have movies with hardcoded subtitles and UMPlayer displayed nothing. Pot Player is more fluid. I get a small pause when I seek a video. Also, when you change something while playing everything stops. For example something small like changing the skin.

For me PotPlayer is the best

Link Table By /u/qlimax5000

Microsoft Sysinternals

Avira / MSE

CCleaner + CCEnhancer



Comodo Firewall



Libre Office


GIMP / Paint.NET


qBitTorrent / Deluge


Sumatra PDF


Steam / GOG





LAV Filters










TrueCrypt (No link, read note 1)

Note 1: I haven’t added a link to TrueCrypt since I’m not sure what the current situation is and you’ll have to find a version that you trust yourself.

Let’s add some other favourites:

KeePass Free, open source, local password manager with extensive plugin support.

Thunderbird Great email client for all your emailing needs.

VLC Small and simple media player that plays almost anything and can do a [whole lot more](

Launchy A simply keyboard launcher for Windows. Allows you to quickly launch any application on your machine.

Evernote Need a versatile and cloud based note taking application? Evernote is for you

CrashPlan Backup utility, the free version does everything you’d assume a backup utility to do, it has some fairly unintrusive ads, but the best feature is that it allows you to back your system up to a friends computer on a remote location.

AutoHotkey Make up your own hotkeys to do pretty much anything you want.

Classic Shell Want the start button back on W8? This is for you.

Teracopy Faster and better than the standard copy utility in Windows. Give it a shot.

CheatEngine A fairly powerful memory editor, basically lets you cheat in a lot of games if you ever want to just fuck around.

Gspot Problems playing a video file? Gspot gives you all the information you need about the codecs and other information that would help you resolve the issue.

VirtualDub A free video capture/processing utility.

MP3tag The best way to edit the metadata on your MP3 files.

Audacity Free and open source audio editor.

Recuva For those times when you need to recover deleted files

Speccy Gives you detailed information about every piece of hardware on your PC

CDBurnerXP A great and free utility to burn CD’s and DVD’s.

FFSplit A free utility that allows you to record your desktop.

f.lux Decreases the blue light on your monitor when it gets late making staring at the monitor a lot less stressfull for your eyes. If you don’t use it already, you should.

Tungle Simple little program that allows you to create virtual LAN networks.

Rainmeter Allows you to put all sorts of little widgets and gadgets on your desktop that give you information, launch applications, etc.

DisplayFusion Multiple monitors made better.

Folding Use the power of your new awesome setup for science!

Hey guys, a while ago I spent a day and an half writting my own list on a askreddit thread. I added suggestion from the community and the reception was quite good. Tell me what you think:


Firefox Web browser

Chrome Web browser. Some people complain that it slow down your computer and use a lot of ram. Personally, I have no problem with it and I probably have too much RAM for it to affect me.

CCleaner Clean those temporary files, broken shortcut and extensions, etc.

VLC watch any kind of video files

Reddit Enhancement Suite Browser extension: Infinite scrolldown, detecting duplicate links, opening video/gif/picture thumbmail without clicking the link, etc.

Malwarebytes Detect and remove some malwares that your antivirus might skip (it doesn't replace your antivirus).

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Protects your browser and other softwares against exploits.

f.lux Adjust the color of your screen based on your location and time of the day. Your eyes will thank you. It might be weird at first, but you will get used to it quite quickly.

Adblock Plus Browser extension: stop ads from displaying everywhere. You can whitelist domains and make your own custom rules ie: I have one that blocks annotations on youtube videos.

uBlock Firefox link | Chrome link Browser extension: stop ads and stuff, same as Adblock except with a lower CPU and memory footprint. Comparaison.

KeePassX Password manager without any platform dependencies. No cloud, so everything is safe with you.

7-Zip Compression and archival program that basically support all formats.

MusicBee Manage your music collection, also a music player.

MediaMonkey Manage your music, play your music, do other musical stuff! Also can sync to to iOS, not sure if MusicBee can do it as easily.

Dropbox Sync up files and share with link. Useful, but don't upload sensitive informations.

Streamus /r/streamus made by /u/MeoMix Browser extension: Stream youtube music to your browser. Cool and smooth ui, fast and have shortcuts. The dev is active and awesome. One day the thing stopped working and I wrote a semi-angry message on one of his thread and he quickly replied and explained the problem.

Custom Desktop:

Rainmeter Custom themes, custom control, everything you ever wished for. /r/Rainmeter

RocketDock Only custom animated launcher.


R Statistical computing.

LaTeX High-quality typesetting system, just the best.

gnuplot Command line tool to make graphs and stuff.


Wolfram Alpha browser extension Unfortunately, chrome only. If you have math class you probably already know about Wolfram Alpha, this extension will help you.

UCSF Chimera Molecular modeling system.

Computer Science/IT:

IsoCreator Free tool to create iso.

Cygwin A large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows.

Sublime Text Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose and support plugins. Paid, but unlimited free unpaid (like Winrar)

Package Control Package manager for Sublime.

Atom Hackeable text editor à la Sublime, by GitHub.

A Linux distro (My recommanded distro ordered by difficulty of transition from windows to linux: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kali Linux [Specialized distro for pentesting], ArchLinux ).

Nmap Scan the network to detect service and problem with Hosts.

An IDE (Visual Studio, Netbeans, Eclipse)

Git Free and open source distributed version control system. Link for the Windows version. Shameless /r/git plug.

Ninite Fast and smooth automated installation of common needed programs on a fresh computer. Nothing annoying, automatically opt-out of all the bullshit like toolbars.

Synergy If have multiple computers, share the keyboard and mouse between them. Thanks /u/Woobie , I forgot the name of the software but you reminded me.

WinSCP Windows client for painless SCP/SFTP/FTP experience.

Video Gamer:

Steam Video game distribution platform for the PC and online community platform. The best and only.

TeamSpeak 3 VoIP for your own community. You need a server though.

Ventrilo VoIP for your own community. More or less same as teamspeak, you need your own server. I can't really speak for it.

Mumble VoIP, automated encryption and default private/public key authentification. It used to overload my modem and crash my network down, no idea if they fixed the issue, but you will probably not encounter this problem. No license and open source.

Open Broadcast To record your desktop and your gameplay. Support streaming to twitch and all that stuff.


qBittorrent P2P software with simple no bullshit interface (no ads and no bitcoin miner)

Transmission P2P software with simple no bullshit interface, but doesn't support proxy. Previous version does, but they removed the feature because it was probably broken anyways.

A VPN. Here's a list from torrentfreak.


GIMP Image Manipulation Program. Essentially photoshop, but GNU.

Audacity Audio editor.

Trading card game player: Special category

AutocardAnywhere firefox | chrome Browser extension. Support multiple games (Heartstone, Magic the gathering, etc.). If the name of a card is on a webpage, it gets replaced with a hover link. Hover your mouse on the name of the card to see a picture of the card along with buy/sell price from popular websites. You can whitelist/blacklist websites if you think this might be too annoying. I personally think it's the most awesome extension beside an ads blocker.

I would replace CCleaner with Glary reg cleaner and TFC. And I would add K-Lite MPC as an alt for VLC.